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Terms and Conditions for Household Goods and Personal Effect Coverage

Subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations set out below, this policy covers household goods and personal effects, antiques, fine arts, except as may hereinafter be excluded, and automobiles as properly declared and valued in supporting documents appended hereto against all risk of physical loss or damage occurring during the policy period.

1. Transit Clause

  1. This policy attaches from the time the insured goods leave the place goods were packed for the commencement of the transit and continues, subject to all of the terms of this policy, until the goods are delivered to the insured's residence or the goods are delivered to a Commercial Furniture Mover and Storage Company, no to include self storage, mini storage or garages and the like.
  2. This insurance shall immediately and automatically terminate, if the goods have not been delivered at its final destination within 120 days after the goods have been picked up by the mover at origin. The 120-day time period shall be compresid of no more than 60 days following collection and additional 60 days after arrival in the state or country of destination.
  3. An extension of coverage is available at an additional premium for any period of time after the 60 days following collection at origin or arrival at the state or country of destination have expired. The insured must give timely written notice by completely filling out and delivering as indicated the storage coverage extension application attached hereto prior to expiry of the said 60 days and paying in full the quoted premium.
  4. Underwriters will have no liability for any losses which may occur in whole or in part after expiry of the 60 days at either origin or the state or country of destination or 120 days total, unless the insured has extended coverage by duly notifying Fidelity & Marine in writing and have received written confirmation to extend coverage and the insured has paid the additional premium prior to any loss occurring.
  5. It is a condition precedent to Underwriters' liability under this policy that all cargo intended to be covered by this policy carried in a steel steamship container.

2. 100% Co-Insurance Clause

If the amount of insurance purchased is not equal to the replacement cost of the property at the time of insuring the Underwriters will not pay for the actual replacement value of any item lost or damage. The insured shall to the extent of such underinsurance bear his, her, or their underinsured proportionate share of the loss. In an underinsurance situation, Underwriters will within their sole discretion reduce any claim determined to be coverage by this policy by said underinsurance value. Underinsurance may also result in repair and/or replacement cost not being paid in full at Underwriters sole discretion. It is a condition precedent to Underwriters' liability under this policy that a household goods descriptive inventory must be prepared at origin, prior to the shipment leaving the place of origin, showing the number and condition of the goods to be shipped. Failure to prepared such inventory may at Underwriters sole discretion result in declination of any claim, in whole or in part, which may occur.

3. High Valued Goods

Any insured item having a value in excess of $500 must be individually identified on the shipping inventory referred to in Paragraph 2 above and insured value of said items must be reported thereon. Any failure to specifically report and insured item with a value in excess of $500 will limit Underwriters' liability for loss or damage to that item to the value of the item or $500 whichever is the lower..

4. Payment of the Premium

The minimum premium shall be charged at a rate of US $6.00 per pound of the weight as indicated on the valued inventory list, which is a part hereof. This minimum premium may not fully insure your cargo in which event the co-insurance provision contained herein will apply. In order to make sure that your cargo is completely covered for its value the insured must make sure to identify its full value on the inventory and fully pay the corresponding premium. This policy is not in full force and effect until such time as the full premium due under the said policy has been received by Fidelity & Marine as administrators for Underwriters.

5. Packed-By-Owner (P.B.O.) Cartons Clause

Only limited insurance coverage is afforded to packed by owner (PBO) carton as follows:

  1. Theft of or damage to an entire carton will be limited to recovery of $500.00, subject to the conditions of Paragraph (b) below.
  2. Theft and damage to the contents is covered but only if caused by fire, overturn and/or collision of the transporting vehicle, aircraft, or vessel.
  3. There is no coverage for loss or damage caused by breaking, scratches, denting, chipping, or staining unless as a result of those perils identified in paragraph (b) above.

6. Exclusions

This policy does not cover:

  1. Loss of or damage arising out of or resulting from moths, vermin, mold, mildew, wear and tear, unexplained / mysterious disappearance, mechanical or electrical derangement, changes in climatic conditions, inherent vice, delay, infestation of rodents or insects, loss or damage resulting from strikes, riots, and commotions, acts of war / rebellion, nuclear reaction, radiation, acts of Governments, Customs authorities, confiscation, losses in market value, or any form of consequential loss howsoever arising.
  2. Jewelry, furs, currency, documents, valuable / negotiable papers, coins or stamp collections, alcohol and beverages, computer programs, software, and media, items of no market value, such as, but not limited to, photographs, family albums, newspaper clippings, letters.
  3. Break bulk cargo.

7. Automobiles

With respect to insurance for all vehicles the following liabilities are not covered: scratches, marks, dents, marring, rust, oxidation, or discoloration, also permanently installed accessories in the vehicle including but not limited to radios, cassette recorders, CD players, speakers, VCR's, and any other personnel effects shipped inside the vehicle and/or its trunk area even if locked.

8. Pair or Set Clause

In the event of total loss of or damaged to:

  1. Any article or articles which are part of a pair or set, the measure of the loss of ro damage to such articles shall be a reasonable and fair proportion of the total value, in the Underwriters sole discretion of the pair or set, but in no event shall such loss or damage be construed to mean total loss of the pair or set, but in no event shall such loss or damage be construed to mean total loss of the pair or entire set.

9. Evidence Clause

  1. Acceptance by the insured (or insured's agent) of the shipment without written notation of specific visible damage or loss on the carrier's delivery documents at the time of delivery shall be evidence that the shipment had been delivered complete and in good order and condition for which no insurance claim shall result
  2. It is a condition of this insurance that recovery for visible damage/loss is limited to/for only those items specifically noted as damaged/loss on the carrier's delivery documents at the time of delivery.
  3. Any and all claims including those for concealed loss/damage must be reported to Fidelity & Marine within 15 days of the goods arrival at destination as indicated in the certificate or if a storage extension has been secured from Underwriters, within 15 days of delivery from the storage facility. Failure to provide written notice of claim within 15 days may, at Underwriters sole discretion, void any claim.

10. Proof of Value/Survey

Fidelity & Marine on Underwriters behalf may, at their option, require proof of ownership, value and/or proof of shipment on any item claimed to be damaged or lost pursuant to this policy. Moreover, Fidelity& Marine on Underwriters behalf may require at its option the insured to secure a survey, at their cost, for any claim from an approved list of Surveyors.

11. Salvage Clause

When replacement or declared value is paid for any item, Underwriters (at their sole option), have the right to any and all salvage, legal possession of such item including full title and interest

12. Subrogration

The Underwriters shall be subrogated to the extent of their payment for losses and/or damages insured hereunder to all of the insured rights of recovery against any person, entity, or organization who may be responsible. The insured agrees to assist underwriters by signing any and all necessary documents in order to pursue subrogation and to provide such other assistance as maybe necessary for Underwriters to recover such payment.

13. Other Insurance

This policy does not cover the goods to the extent of any other insurance, whether secured prior or subsequent hereto which covers the same property and if such other insurance shall exist than this insurance policy shall be considered excess to said other insurance and said other insurance shall be required to be paid in full before these Underwriters shall have any obligations thereto.

14. Misrepresentation and Fraud

This policy shall be void if at any time, the insured, its agent or designee has concealed or misrepresentation any fact which Underwriters consider in their sole discretion to be material or Underwriters consider having effected the risk concerning this insurance or any other case of fraud or false swearing by the insured, its agent, and/or its designee.

15. Law and Jurisdiction

It is agreed that in the event of a dispute between the insured, Underwriters, and/or their administrator Fidelity & Marine that the sole jurisdiction for the determination of said dispute will be the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales and that such disputes shall be subject to English law.

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